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Q Hotel Offers

Banquet hall

We encourage you to get to know our offers for organizing special events at Q Hotel Plus Wrocław! Regardless of whether you are planning a wedding, a First Holy Communion reception, or other meetings for friends and family, our banquet room will be a perfect choice. Spacious interiors, excellent cuisine and professional service - all this is available for you and your Guests at Q Hotel Plus Wrocław.

Everything in one place

We make every effort to ensure, that the events organized in our hotel are prepared with the highest level of professionalism. That is why we provide an excellent banquet hall, which can accommodate from several dozen to several hundred people. Its interiors are always decorated and prepared according to the occasion, and the catering is provided by our top-class restaurant Questa. Our staff knows how important it is to prepare all of the meetings and ceremonies thoroughly - we are always there to help in this matter with our skills and experience. 

For business and individual Guests

Q Hotel Plus Wrocław is a great place to organize various types of events - both business and private ones. Our banquet hall is suitable for different needs, which makes it very easy to plan and prepare any kind of party or meeting. You can see for yourself, how easy it is to plan an event in our hotel! We are open to cooperation, and we will gladly undertake the organization of both big and small events

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