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Jedzenie, które wspiera pracę mózgu Q Brain Food

What is the Q Brain Food offer?

The offer contains all ingredients that are most valuable for the brain – from vitamins, antioxidants, healthy fats to proteins and micronutrients so as to support the efficiency of the brain with every bite and gulp.

Nutrition specialist Ewelina Fabisiak
New offer in Q Hotel!

What is the Q Brain Food offer?

When organising a conference or an event in Q Hotel Plus Wrocław Bielany, you gain access to Q Brain Food – an exceptional catering offer created by Ewelina Fabisiak – the dietician of Q Hotel. What is Q Brain Food? These are the drinks and dishes that support brain concentration and brain work. It is a truly revolutionary proposal, which we perceive as the future of the conference. We serve dishes in the form of buffet in glass jars.

Dear Organiser! Offer optimum support to participants of your event during an intense intellectual effort.

What is the Q Brain Food offer?
Top quality of products and organic solutions
An event to remember

What exactly will you find in the Q Brain Food Q?

If you are interested in the details of our offer, check below. We believe that participants of your conference will enjoy juices, smoothies, herbal infusions as well as healthy sweet and non-sweet meals. Every ingredient of proposed dishes and drinks has a function that supports the efficiency of the brain.

What exactly will you find in the Q Brain Food Q?


Nutrition is the most valuable fuel for the proper and efficient functioning of the brain and largely contributes to its metabolism. The brain consumes over 20% of daily energy demand, so valuable energy obtained from food is precious for its cells.

A special, clinically proven potential strengthening the functions of the brain exists in vitamins C, E and beta-carotene – we strongly focused on them when designing dishes and juices from our offer. For example, our carrot kissel with strawberry mousse and nuts is a pure combination of beta-carotene, vitamin C and healthy fat. On the other hand, the fruit juice freshly squeezed and served in a smoothie in combination with the healthy fat of fresh avocado and linseed oil protects against brain damage caused by a protein called β-amyloid (according to research, it may result in memory loss and stimulate Alzheimer’s disease). Healthy fats are another ingredients of key positive importance for the brain – we point out its best plant sources, such as avocado, olive oil, seeds and nuts, all of which can be found in our dishes.

Juices and smoothies

Juices and smoothies

  • beet, grapefruit and apple juice largely improves the efficiency of the brain. Research at Oxford University confirms that, when consumed regularly, this juice protects against Alzheimer’s disease and regulates blood pressure through the enlargement of blood vessels, which consequently reduces the risk of strokes;
  • spinach, apple, lemon and white cabbage juice is rich in vitamin B, and the zinc contained in it improves concentration and memory. These vitamins are responsible for efficient communication between brain cells and improves the ability to remember:
  • smoothie with apple, avocado, linseed and kale contains Omega-3 acids that reduce the level of harmful β-amyloid important for brain health and are necessary for the proper functioning of the nervous system.
Herbal infusions

Herbal infusions

  • gingko and mint infusion increases brain bloodsupply and, consequently, improves the efficiency of the brain,
  • mint-stimulating infusion contains yerba mate, coriander and fenugreek seeds and orange peel,
  • anti-inflammatory infusion contains orange juice, linseed jelly, honey and curcuma.
Non-sweet meals

Non-sweet meals

  • anti-inflammatory curry with lentils, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, cashew nuts, sesame, coriander and salmon (can be prepared also in vege version),
  • Quinoa with tomato mousse, kale and walnuts,
  • raw pad thai – cold-served salad with rice noodles, fresh vegetables, pumpkin seeds and Asian sauce,
  • tomato hummus with linseed cake,
  • cream of tomato and carrot soup with pumpkin and sunflower seeds.
Słodkości bez cukru

Słodkości bez cukru

  • avocado mousse with St. John’s bread and almond crumble,
  • linseed and orange pudding,
  • carrot-orange kissel with strawberry mousse and almond crumble.
Ask us about our offer

Ask us about our offer

Are you planning to hold a conference or another event in Q Hotel Plus Wrocław Bielany and are you interested in the Q Brain Food offer? We are ready to prepare a customised offer for you, tell more and present our potential.


Magdalena Jaszowska | Wrocław Cluster Sales Director
phone: +48 535 411 388

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