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Attractions in Wrocław

Market Square

The Market Square in Wrocław is a medieval market square in Wrocław, now the heart of a pedestrian zone.

Racławice Panorama

The Racławice Panorama is a monumental cycloramic painting depicting the Battle of Racławice.

Słodowa Island

Słodowa Island is a small islet on the Oder River within the Wrocław Old Town.

Wrocław's dwarfs

Wrocław’s dwarfs are small figurines that first appeared in the streets of Wrocław in 2001.

Ostrów Tumski

Ostrów Tumski is the oldest part of the city. It was formerly an island between branches of the Oder River.

Sky Tower

Sky Tower is a skyscraper with a publicly accessible viewpoint.

Four Denominations District

The Four Denominations District is a place of meetings, dialogue and mutual respect.

Multimedia Fountain

Wroclaw Multimedia Fountain is currently one of the largest operating fountains in Europe.

ZOO and Afrykarium

The largest zoo in Poland is home about 12,000 animals representing about 1,100 species.

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