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Steak & Burger Night

Steak & Burger Night
at Qualita Restaurant

On Thursday nights, we welcome all enthusiasts of steaks and burgers!

Our menu features a special set: burger + French fries + wheat beer — for PLN 39.00; and steaks with a selection of side dishes. 

Steak & Burger Night every Thursday from 5 pm to 11 pm, only at Qualita Restaurant!



Traditional Qualita Burger
/ beef, vegetables, grilled bacon, steak French fries.
PLN 39.00           350g / 200g

/ beef, cheddar cheese, vegetables, grilled bacon, steak French fries.
PLN 39.00           350g / 200g

Vegetarian burger
/ pita, falafel, vegetables, ball pepper salsa, hummus.
PLN 39.00     350g / 150g

To add extra spiciness, each burger can come with a jalapeño pepper at request. French fries and wheat bear included in the price of the burger.



Traditional Italian Fiorentina steak from young beef.
PLN 119.00     500g

BBQ pork ribs.
PLN 45.00     450g

Steak from Polish seasoned loin.
PLN 89.00     250g

Steak from Polish beef tenderloin.
allergens: 6, 12
PLN 89.00     200g



Mouton Cadet Rouge.
PLN 15.00     100ml         

Mouton Cadet Rouge.  
PLN 89.00     750ml         


SIDE DISHES (at your option):

Starch dish: baked potato / steak French fries, 
Salad: grilled vegetables / Coleslawsalad/ home lettuce with vegetables.


SAUCES (choose 2 for each steak):
/ Béarnaise, demi glace, barbecue, barbecue with hot chilli pepper, garlic, mustard&honey, garlic&parsley.  

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