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Sky Tower Wroclaw

Sky Tower is the highest building in Wrocław and one of the highest skyscrapers in Poland. The guests staying in Q Hotel Plus Wrocław will have an opportunity to admire the view of the 50 stories building from their bedroom window,  which is an unusual and impressing view.

Modern and multifunctional

In Sky Tower, the guests can find the shopping mall with popular shopping brands, the gym with sauna and the SPA. An additional attraction for the visitors is a viewpoint located on 49. floor. It’s really worth visiting during a stay in Wrocław!

In the main hall of the Sky Tower building, the visitors can admire a sculpture created by the famous surrealist, Salvador Dali. The sculpture was inspired by „The Persistence of Memory” - one of artist’s most famous paintings.

Hotel next to Sky Tower

Guests of Q Hotel Plus Wrocław near Sky Tower can easily see the beautiful construction of this skyscraper from their rooms. For many people it is a symbol of modern Wrocław and city’s new enterprises and possibilities.

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