ul. Radzikowskiego 142
+48 12 333 41 41

Q Hotel Offers


Q Hotel Kraków offers 89 air-conditioned hotel rooms with bathrooms. Our rooms have modern and ergonomic interior design and their complex equipment guarantees full comfort of stay.

In order to meet the expectations of our guests, each room is equipped with a comfortable bed, a comfortable desk with a chair fit for work, modern audio-video equipment, and a coffee and tea set. Additionally, some rooms come with a fold-out sofa. Private bathrooms have showers. Free Internet is available throughout the hotel.

Check-in time at is at 2:00 p.m. and check-out at 12:00 noon the following day. The hotel is adapted to the needs of the disabled.  

Twin room

19 sq.m. Single bed

Double room

19 sq.m. Double bed

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