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About the restaurant

The hotel houses a modern SmaQ Restaurant which, considering its location in the city centre, is a perfect place for both hotel guests and tourists as well as residents of Katowice.

We prepare all meals using top quality products. Our Chef, Arkadiusz Gawron, proposes an extensive menu with dishes typical of Silesian cuisine and many other dishes. Guests are invited to buffet breakfast every morning. From time to time, there are also seasonal inserts to our menu which refer to current culinary trends. The offering is supplemented with a menu created especially for kids.

The interior design of the restaurant is characterised by a combination of simplicity, elegance and modernity. Huge windows provide a lot of daylight, which perfectly matches bright colours of the interior. A lobby bar, which is a cosy place for relaxation with a book, a newspaper or television, complements the arrangement of interiors.

In 2017 the SmaQ Restaurant received the "Silesian Taste" Culinary Trail certificate which confirms that it specialises in traditional Silesian dishes.  

If you want to book a table, please contact us:

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