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I will come back here next time

I am very pleased with the stay - the room was clean and elegant, and the breakfast buffet very tasty. Excellent location practically in the very center of the city, everywhere is close. It definitely stands out from the other hotels.

Zuzanna Cz.

A great apartment in the city center

A very pleasant apartment with modern equipment. You can relax and sleep well, especially during an intensive delegation. A good hotel for business travelers, service very competent and helpful, and the spacious rooms and adapted to the presence of a larger group. I would recommend.


Excellent cuisine

I had the opportunity to be at the hotel on the occasion of a friend's wedding and I am very impressed. Excellent cuisine and service, very pleasant and nicely decorated interiors. Rooms very quiet, you could rest after a good night of fun. If I had to choose a hotel for a night in Katowice, I would definitely come back here.

Beata W.

Great location

A good choice for people who want to get to know Katowice a little closer and will walk around the city a lot. Q The hotel is practically in the very center, at the station and the most interesting attractions. Practically under the nose are tram and bus stops, it is also easy to get to any place. The hotel itself is very nicely decorated, the rooms are clean and the atmosphere is calm.  

Tomasz N

Nice hotel with a high standard

Four-star hotel in a great standard, with all necessary amenities. A huge plus for comfortable beds, which does not happen in Polish hotels so often. It is also worth taking the opportunity to eat something at Smaq Restaurant, because they serve really delicious dishes. Friendly service.


Great choice

A great hotel in a very good location, practically right next to the railway station from which you can quickly get to any part of the city. Elegant interiors, very quiet rooms and tasty breakfasts. The whole stay was very pleasant and next time I arrive in Katowice I will definitely come back here.


Exceptionally quiet

A surprisingly quiet hotel! It is located in the very center of the city, and inside there is peace and quiet. I slept well and rested. 


Opening - spring 2017

Opening - spring 2017!

Q Hotel Plus Katowice

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