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ul. Wojewódzka 12
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Q Hotel Offers

Q Hotel Plus Katowice in the city center

Q Hotel Plus Katowice is located in the very center of Katowice, at Wojewódzka street. It's an excellent location that every Guest will appreciate - many important museums, attractions and business venues are in a very close vicinity. Q Hotel Plus Katowice will meet the expectations of both individual and business guests, thanks to its comfortable rooms, organization of various events and a renowned restaurant. See for yourself how comfortable it is to stay in Q Hotel during a business trip, or holidays with your significant other. We encourage everyone to find out more about our hotel and special offers - Q Hotel Katowice is truly a wonderful place to stay in the city. 

Modern and luxurious

Q Hotel Plus Katowice is a brand-new venue, decorated with the utmost attention to every detail. Intimate interiors help to relax after a long day of activities such as sightseeing or business meetings. What’s more, the rooms are designed not only for rest, but also for comfortable work if necessary. Q Hotel Plus Katowice in the city center enables also organization of various types of occasional and business events - there are professionally equipped rooms and halls available. We encourage everyone to get to know our detailed offer via Q Hotels website, or phone call. We will provide all the answers and help you make the best decision. 

Enjoy the Silesian cuisine

In addition to comfortable rooms and events organization, Q Hotel Plus Katowice also offers delicious regional dishes in unique SmaQ Restaurant, awarded by the Silesian Tastes' Culinary Trail. Its cuisine is widely appreciated by both Guests and locals, and is well-known for great menu with Silesian dishes. It’s worth spending more time in Smaq - both with friends and family, or alone - to enjoy beautiful interiors and great service. Thanks to exceptional and tasty menu, any events organized in Q Hotel Katowice will be really special. In this matter Q Hotel leaves other hotels in Katowice far behind!

Center of Katowice and its attractions

Q Hotel Plus Katowice is located in the very center of the city, very close to the Main Railway Station and Galeria Katowicka. It’s great news for all those, who want to spend their time exploring the city - most of the interesting attractions are located in a very close proximity. Apart from the most popular destinations, such as Spodek or the Silesian Museum, one can also quickly reach the International Congress Center and the National Symphony Orchestra. It’s worth to use this opportunity to get to know Katowice by walking its streets, which become more and more beautiful every year. Q Hotel Plus Katowice is a great place to stay both during individual holidays and business travels - you’re welcome to browse our offer via website or to call us with any questions and matters. Choose convenience and comfort of our rooms, practicality and elegance of conference and banquet halls and delicious regional cuisine of Smaq Restaurant. Welcome to Katowice

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