Health happens here!

Dear Guest,

as a dietitian, I know how difficult it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and healthy habits while on the road. That’s why in cooperation with the Q Hotel Chefs, I have prepared a special offer for you.

During breakfast at Q Hotel, make sure to visit our “Nature’s Table”. It offers a wide selection of local products and Polish superfoods such as linseed, kale or Polish pickled vegetables, which will positively affect your health. Just for you, I have prepared breakfast tips that will help you create a breakfast tailored to your needs.

Partied all night long? I have a recipe for After Party juice for you – a mix of white cabbage, parsley and apples! Are you rushing to the gym? Combine beetroot, grapefruit, apple and spirulina to create a juice that will give you the energy you need. You can prepare all this yourself with our juicer, using my recipes or your own ideas.

In your free time, let’s meet at the bar, where our bartenders are ready all day long to prepare freshly squeezed juices and supershots for you – a concentrated mix of superfoods that will provide intense support for your body.

With your health in mind, together with our Chefs we have also created a special menu that offers dishes tailored to different diets. We haven’t forgotten about a delicious #sugarfree dessert!

A healthy welcome to Q Hotel!

Ewelina Fabisiak
Q Hotel Dietician

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