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About the restaurant

The charming cellars of our hotel is where Grand Cru Restaurant is located. It offers sophisticated dishes and a selection of unique wines that make the restaurant really classy.

When composing the menu and the wine list, our Chef and Sommelier wanted to create a unique experience of each visitor so that every visit would be an unforgettable experience. Apart from the regular menu, the restaurant also has special offers based on current culinary trends. Every morning we also serve buffet breakfast. There is also a special menu for kids with delicacies children will definitely love.

The interior design of our restaurant emphasises its unique character. With its semi-darkness that creates a special atmosphere and brick walls, it is an ideal place for romantic dinners, business meetings and family lunches. We also organise special receptions and are experts in the organisation of wedding parties. 

If you want to book a table, please contact us:

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