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Breakfast is our calling card...

Guests of Q Hotel Grand Cru Gdańsk and everyone else are invited every day to have a delicious breakfast.

Our cooks take all efforts to ensure that tables will be filled with a diversified set created based on top-quality fresh products. Hot dishes such as scrambled eggs or sausages, cold dishes like for example cheese, cold cuts, fish, salads, vegetables, fruit, yoghurts, bread of all kinds, cornflakes, dried fruit and nuts are only some of the components of our morning menu.

Our breakfasts are served MONDAY – SUNDAY: 7:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.

Healthy "Nature's Table"

The Q Hotel chain has entered into a partnership with dietician and restaurateur Ewelina Fabisiak, which results in enriching breakfast buffets with healthy products supporting the body. In addition to the standard products, our breakfast table includes:

  • Polish superfoods, such as linseed, kale pesto or pickled foods, which are a perfect, natural probiotic! 
  • A zone full of vegetables. Vegetables are the basis of rational nutrition; they are an excellent source of fibre and good nutritional value. 
  • Healthy fats that provide #omega3 fatty acids to protect your health, including mackerel mousse, smoked salmon, as well as sunflower and pumpkin seeds.
  •  Sweet, sugar-free products, including anti-inflammatory raspberry mousse, bean paste, elderberry sauce and fruit.
  • You can squeeze your own juices using a slow juicer. We give you instructions on making the After Party juice, which will give you support for a hard day after a party, No Stress juice for adding vitality and energy and Glow, which will take care of your natural glow and immunity!
  • You will also find trips on how to compose your own protein-fat breakfast, sweet, sugar-free and vegan.


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