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Wedding reception rooms

We offer the organization of a wedding reception in the elegant interiors of our hotel. The chef is going to take care of the Newlyweds, as well as the Guests even with the most sophisticated palate. A well-qualified and friendly service will handle your comfort.

  • menu starts from 190 PLN/person
  • 3 rooms with the possibility to combine in one
  • organization of wedding receptions on banquet rooms for up to 100 people

If you organize your wedding reception at our hotel, you get:

  • a free room (breakfast included) for the newlyweds, as well as discounts for the accommodation of Guests
  • if you organize your wedding reception for more than 40 people, we offer a special dinner for you for your first wedding anniversary in one of our hotels
  • if you organize your wedding reception for more than 70 people, we offer a voucher for the weekend for 2 people in one of our hotels

We are ready to assisst you in the organization of your big day:

  • we offer help in arranging the floral decorations, as well as in finding the right music performance,
  • we are willing to customize the menu in accordance with your preferences and needs.

If you'll decide to organise your wedding reception at Friday on Sunday you'll get:

  • tasting the dishers for bride and groom for free,
  • menu for children under 10 for free,
  • each wedding menu cheaper 20,00 PLN from the regular price.

We will provide you with our up-to-date wedding offer and arrange an appointment:
e-mail: | tel.: +48 58 772 73 00

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