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Company Christmas Eve

Q Hotel Plus Wrocław is much more than just accommodation - it is also a great place to organize various types of occasional events. Business guests will be pleased to hear, that it is possible to throw a company Christmas Eve at our hotel, which thanks to our professional service, excellent cuisine and beautiful interiors will certainly be successful. If you have any questions, please contact us - we will answer all of them and help you plan the event. Thanks to the experience of our crew will be able to prepare something truly special.

Solemnly and elegantly

Company Christmas Eve is not an easy event to organize - one has to choose the right venue, as well as catering and event services. There are few places that offer all of this at an appropriately high level. Q Hotel provides all these amenities, which will make preparations simple and trouble-free. There is room for several dozen people on site, as well as an excellent hotel restaurant offering European cuisine. There is also an unique hotel Lounge Bar available for hotel Guests.

Unique corporate events

Company Christmas Eve should be an exceptional event that will allow associates to get to know each other better and integrate in their free time. Conversations at the table can be directed to lighter and nicer topics than current events in the office - a pleasant atmosphere will certainly foster more casual conversations. Choose Q Hotel Plus Wrocław, where every company event will be tailored and unforgettable.

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